Back to school.

Today the kids go back to school after the school holidays and I am feeling all sorts of emotions.

This is my daughter's first day back at school since being diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. For those who are not aware this means that her kidneys are not filtering properly and are dumping protein into her urine. There is no cure for Nephrotic Syndrome (yet), only the managing of it through medication.

The last five weeks have been a real rollercoaster! 

I am really happy that things are 'under control', that the medications she is on seem to be turning the syndrome off for now and she is in remission. I am happy that she gets to be back at school with her friends and back learning.

I am also sad. Sad I have lost my offsider. We have spent the last five weeks in this together, learning together, hanging out together. 

I am nervous. How will her day go? What will the other kids say to her. I am also nervous for the long term. Will she relapse again (most kids who get Nephrtoic Syndrome relapse). Coming into winter will she get a cold, which can lead to further relapse. How will this play out for her for the rest of her life.

I am optimistic. Optimistic that she will be one of the few for which this is a one off, for which there is no relapse. Optimistic that one day there will be a cure.

I cannot predict the future. I will not worry about the past. Today I live in the present and enjoy every moment.

So for now I am off to put on my diffuser with my doTERRA essential oils - Console because I need a great big hug and Cheer to lift my spirits - grab a cup of tea, put up my feet and relax. I've got this. I may even go and book myself in a massage for some me time.

I look forward to hearing all about her and her brother's day when they get home.

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