Increase your energy levels naturally

Do you struggle to get up in the mornings? Do you find it difficult to keep up with your children? Does the idea of sleeping sound much more appealing than working?

I have come from a history of being burnt out and know first hand that it is no fun having no energy to do everyday things.

I discovered when returning to balance there were six areas that I needed to address:

  1. Getting adequate sleep
  2. Reducing stimulants
  3. Lifting my energy levels
  4. Supporting my hormones
  5. Nourishing exercise
  6. Nurturing self care, learning to love myself

In my previous blogs I have covered 

1. Getting adequate sleep and strategies and tools to do so. 

2. How reducing stimulants can help you go from Burnout to Balance

Today I will focus on increasing energy naturally.

3. Increasing energy naturally

One of the things I had to be fully aware of when I was on my journey from burnout to balance was my energy. Most days I felt blah and some days had no energy at all.  It became a chore playing with my children, going to the beach or the park. All I wanted to do was to lay down and rest.

It is important to acknowledge that we are on a journey and that some days we will not have adequate energy.We need to learn to communicate this with our loved ones so that they understand. We also need to learn that sometimes we just need to say no. I am fortunate that I have an incredibly understanding husband who would take the kids out so I could just 'be' and relax.

I found that the doTERRA Life Long Vitality supplements (LLV) helped considerably to balance my energy levels as well as at the same time balancing my moods. Win/Win! These I took on a daily basis and when I forgot I certainly noticed!

Other days when we really do need to get things done it is great to have natural ways to boost our energy. This is where I love to use my essential oils.

I find when I use my oils it really helps to give me a boost without taxing my adrenals.

I like using them in the diffuser or making them into a rollerblend to take with me everywhere.

I have included some of my favourite blends for energy below for you to try.

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In the next installment I will talk about how I supported my hormones naturally

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