How reducing stimulants can help you go from Burnout to Balance

I discovered when returning to balance there were six areas that I needed to address:

  1. Getting adequate sleep
  2. Reducing stimulants
  3. Lifting my energy levels
  4. Supporting my hormones
  5. Nourishing exercise
  6. Nurturing self care, learning to love myself

My previous blog covered 1. Getting adequate sleep and strategies and tools to do so.  Today I will focus on reducing stimulants.

2. Reducing stimulants

Coffee is the most used stimulant to give us energy but it is not the only one. When I was at the peak of my burnout I was using pre-workouts containing large amounts of caffeine before training and energy drinks during the day to help me feel 'up'.

The problem with this is that it was very short term and it would not be long before I was feeling 'down', had no energy and life was miserable. I would find in these down periods I got really irritable and was not a fun person to be around.

When we are experiencing burnout we often feel tired and run down and we reach for coffee or energy drinks to provide instant energy.

Unfortunately when we do this we are overstimulating the adrenals and this is the last thing we want. The upside of a coffee or energy drink is usually followed by a downside in terms of a crash or the affect on our adrenals.

Now I will not lie, giving up the stimulants can be hard at first. Our bodies have become used to these and in some cases addicted to them. there can therefore be a period of detox and withdrawal when we stop.

A great tool to use in your recovery is to limit your coffees. If you can eliminate them altogether then great, if not then limit it to one a day. 

If you have doTERRA essential oils I suggest that instead of your coffee that you put a drop of peppermint in one hand and a drop of wild orange in the other, rub them together, cup them to your nose and deeply inhale. This blend is great to provide a natural energy boost and to improve focus and concentration.

For the detox and withdrawals add a drop of doTERRA lemon oil to your water to aid detox. You can use lavender, frankincense or peppermint to help with the headaches. Also remember to drink lots of water.

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In the next installment I will talk about how to naturally lift your energy levels.


Kirsten Thrush