Who am I and what got me to where I am

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog! Thank you for reading.

My mission statement is that 'I help women go from burnout to balance - physically, emotionally and financially - using natural solutions.'

So how did I get here...?

I am a passionate woman who puts 110% into everything I do. This can be a great thing but it can also mean that I do not stop, relax and rejuvenate. Does this sound familiar? As women we can all be guilty of this.

From 2011 to 2014 I was wearing many hats.

  • I was (and still am!) a mum to two young children, Adam and Samantha and wife to an amazing husband, Matt. For me my family are my priority and we love spending time together adventuring.
  • I was a competitive bodybuilder, training in the gym 2 hours a day. I would go to the gym before the kids woke up in the morning and again after they were in bed in the evenings. I did this so I wasn't missing time with the family.
  • I was also working a full time job. This meant we had good money coming into the house but the downside was the times I couldn't go to sports events, assemblies and all of those other important times.

Yes I was BUSY!! It seemed like every minute of every day was planned. I didn't have downtime for me. I wasn't resting and rejuvenating. I was always go, go, go....

April 2014 I started to cut down for my next bodybuilding competition. Something didn't feel right. I was always tired. I was grumpy and the littlest thing would set me off. My body was holding onto fat and it wasn't dropping like it had previously. I hadn't had my period since I had stopped the pill four years previously.

In June 2014 my world turned upside down. My coach and I decided something was definitely not right so it was of to the doctor I went to try to figure out what. Numerous tests later and he doctor told me I had adrenal fatigue. I was burnt out. My hormones were way out of balance, with my testosterone so low they could not measure it.

I was told that I had to change my life. I had to cut my exercise right back, I had to increase my food intake, I had to rest more often and not do as much. My competitive bodybuilding days were over (for now).

I went from having a competitive body builder body to that of a 'normal' person. My mind however did not see me as normal. In my own mind I was fat, I looked terrible, therefore I was a failure, no one would like me, I was unlovable. I was in a very unhappy place.

Physically my body was getting better however emotionally I was a mess.

In October 2014 I went to a whole foods workshop to get some ideas for yummy, healthy meals. This was presented by a lovely, vivacious, energetic lady called Vanessa Jean. She used essential oils to flavour the dishes.

After the workshop we got chatting and to this day I don't know how we got onto the topic of hormones but she recommended I try an essential oil blend - Clary Calm - to support me.

This started me on my essential oil journey and was such an important tool in my journey from 'Burnout to Balance'.

They have supported me in so many ways - increased energy, better sleep, balanced hormones, improved immunity...

Join me in the next installment to learn about what oils I used in my journey from Burnout to Balance and how you too can use essential oils to support you too.