How I went from burnout to balance naturally

The journey from burnout to balance is an interesting one, it is a journey of self discovery, of what is important in life.

You see, there is a reason we get burnt out, it does not happen overnight. Once we delve into these reasons and change the way we see ourselves we can then change our circumstances.

When I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue I was told by medical professionals to exercise less, eat more, rest more and all would be OK. What they did not tell me is that in going from a competitive bodybuilding physique to that of a 'normal' person I would be left feeling fat, a failure and unloved. 

No one had warned me of the emotional implications of my journey and that I had to learn to love the 'new me'.

I discovered when returning to balance there were six areas that I needed to address:

  1. Getting adequate sleep
  2. Reducing stimulants
  3. Lifting my energy levels
  4. Supporting my hormones
  5. Nourishing exercise
  6. Nurturing self care, learning to love myself

When I introduced the doTERRA essential oils into my life I was able support my journey in each of the above areas, and to address the physical symptoms of burnout as well as the emotional. 

1. Getting adequate sleep

Sleep is very important to full recovery from burnout but the twist is sleeplessness is sometimes one of the signs of burnout. In any case how you sleep will affect your level of replenishment.

I was finding it difficult to get to sleep and would wake often through the night. This would mean I was not rested the next day and would be starting the day from a place of little or no energy. 

When I was able to improve my sleep then everything else seemed to be a lot easier to deal with.

Some things that I did to improve my sleep and that you can try too were:

  1. Going to bed before 1030pm as the sleep between 1030pm and 1am is extremely restorative. In .my case I tried to be in bed by 930pm each night
  2. Avoiding caffeine (coffee, energy drinks, chocolate) as they can disrupt sleep even if had early in the day
  3. Turning off devices by 8pm. With some people looking at screens can keep their melatonin from rising and inducing sleep. This can be a tricky one in the connected world we live in but for me it made a real difference and gave me time to properly wind down before bed. Another side benefit was that it gave me time to connect with hubby rather than with my screen.
  4. Using essential oils to support sleep. Some great oils to try are:
    • lavender and frankincense
    • lavender peace
    • vetiver, lavender and frankincense
    • lavender, cedarwood and frankincense

Essential oils are great to support sleep as not only do they act physically within our bodies to calm and relax us, we can also create powerful aromatic anchors.

When we smell anything it enters through our olfactory system into the limbic area of our brain - the centre of all of our emotions and memories.

When we use a specific blend of essential oils to go to sleep then not only does it physically calm us but also when we smell it the limbic area of the brain sends the body signals that this smell means it is time for sleep. We have created an aromatic anchor.

In the next installment I will talk about why and how to reduce stimulants.

Keep an eye out for my e book coming soon - 'Essential oil blends to support you to go from Burnout to Balance naturally'

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