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About me

Are you passionate about achieving balance in your life?

Everyone deserves to have balance in their lives. 

Whether that be physical balance, emotional balance or financial freedom so that you can spend their time where you choose. Everyone's balance is different.

I am an entrepreneur, speaker and mum who is passionate about helping mums to find balance in their lives. I am especially passionate about supporting mums of children with serious illness.

My essential oil journey started as I was recovering from adrenal fatigue. I was a competitive body builder, worked fulltime and had two small children and my body just gave up and said 'NO MORE'

I had cut back my exercise, increased my food and was resting more but I was not in a happy place. Physically my body was still not healthy and emotionally I was not in a good place.

Essential oils have been a huge support to me in so many ways:
- better sleep
- increased energy
- better emotional well being

Through sharing my love of the doTERRA essential oils with others I have been able to give up my corporate job and now do what I love full time. I am living my passion.

I now spend my time as I choose, whether that be growing my business, attending school excursions, sitting on the beach or meeting with friends.

My intention is to empower others to achieve this balance using the amazing tool of essential oils.